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Afik- The new kibbutz

Afik is a secular kibbutz located in the southern Golan Heights and belonging to the United Kibbutz Movement. The kibbutz looms at 335 meters above sea level and is situated between the tributaries of the Ein Gev river, surrounded by spectacular views and flora.


Kibbutz Afik was settled in May 1972 as a formalization of Nahal Golan which was established in 1967 near the border.


In May 1972, the Garin "Etgar" and "Argov "  settled Afik.


Over the years Afik has developed manufacturing industries such as a dairy farm,   chicken houses, deciduous orchards, field crops, a  partnership in "Hamat Gader" , a factory : "Afik printing products" , guest rooms and a Spa .


In 2001 Afik set out on a new path, following the decision to enter the privatization process.  In a slow and controlled manner, most of the services to the members were gradually privatized and economic responsibility was transferred from the kibbutz to the members while endeavoring to safeguard their financial  well-being.


The members adapted to the new situation where they were responsible for their livelihood and economic conduct. In a short time privatization is internalized and Afik becomes synonymous to "successful economic model".


After many years of economic hardship  the kibbutz endured and now thrives and distributes dividends to its members. At the same time the new expansion neighborhood attracts many residents and in 2014 the Community Association , consisting of the members of the old kibbutz and the members of the new expansion neighborhood, was established.


All of the above has had a direct impact on Afik:


In the past year nine families joined us and others are at different junctures of the process. We now have a preschool in Afik, after many years during which there was no preschool and recently, construction plans for a new preschool building  was approved -this ensures the continuity of pre-school education on Afik.


Teams are being established, bodies and committees (all on a volunteer basis) who concern  themselves, in their respective fields of responsibility, with improving the quality of life in Afik.

Kibbutz Afik, Golan Heights 1293800

Phone: 04-6761211   Fax: 04-6761265

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